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Capital Release Schemes
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Capital Release Schemes

When the need for cash hits more and more families and when many are not able to make proper financial planning like they used to do before, we need to find creative ways of raising cash. Every now and then some or other necessity for money keeps cropping up and hence we see more and more people trying to use capital release schemes to raise money to clear their debts or medical emergencies or shopping for provisions or even going out on a family holiday.

Capital release schemes (commonly referred to as equity release schemes) are normally made available to people who are over 55 years of age and hence most of retired people who have repaid their mortgages, or have minimal mortgage outstanding will be able to benefit from capital release schemes.
The homes that most retired people own normally carry sufficient value for the owner to release equity from the property. In such cases the home owner can make the convert that equity into cash with the help of capital release schemes like equity release. If you or your family is in need of some urgent cash, then calling us to discuss equity release schemes will be the place to start for raising money instantly. We will be able to provide you with details about the various equity release schemes available as capital release schemes and you can choose the solution that best suits your requirements.

Home Reversion Scheme

Most of the homeowners who treasure their home dearly and who have spent thousands of pounds and valuable time in building their home may want to consider releasing equity using a home reversion scheme which is a form of equity release scheme. If they need financial backing to carry on with their lives in their old age, then this is a potential option. This is a scheme wherein the homeowner will be able to sell part or the whole of his home to a potential buyer or Reversion Company and the homeowner will be allowed to live in the home until he dies or if he is taken into permanent health care.    

Lifetime Mortgage

If you are able to calculate the right amount of money that is needed for your needs, then going for a lifetime mortgage may be worth considering. This is the second main type of equity release scheme offered to people wishing to release capital from their homes.
As with home reversion plans, the loan that is borrowed is repaid once the homeowner dies or if the homeowner is taken into permanent care. Many of the retired people who are over 55 years of age are choosing to go for these capital release schemes in order to meet their financial needs. It will be ideal for a homeowner to choose these capital release schemes if the property owner is free form any obligations like supporting his family or grand children.

The capital release schemes discussed above will offer homeowners options to potentially provide stress free and systematic way of getting financial assistance when you need it the most. If you want to give your children and your grand children a bright and better financial future, then it is ideal that you immediately start thinking of capital release schemes.




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