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Choosing an Equity Release Scheme
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Choosing an Equity Release Scheme

In this article we will look at the basics of equity release and find out if it is safe. Equity is the name that we give to the money in our properties. Equity release is a way of getting some of the money out of the property without needing to move your principle residence.

Equity release schemes have actually been around for much longer than people think Although equity release schemes have become more common in the recent times, the first equity release schemes actually started as far back as 1965.

In order for an individual to qualify, the normal minimum age of acceptance is 55. As far as statistics are concerned, in 2009, nearly £1 billion worth of equity release plans were released. This equates to around 20,000 plans. So if you are thinking of taking out an equity release scheme, you are not alone. As the figures show, there are many others who have taken out equity release schemes.

If you would like to find out more about equity release schemes, then get I contact with us and we will be glad to answer any questions. We will discuss the various options available to you and recommend an equity release plan that best suits your personal and financial circumstances. Call us to find out more about equity release




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