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Home Reversion Equity Release Scheme
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Home Reversion Equity Release Scheme

With a reversion equity release scheme, a reversion company normally looks to buy either all or part of your property. The actual capital raised from this transaction can be made available to you as either a regular income or as a cash limp sum for you to use however you wish. That means you can either choose to invest the cash or some reversion schemes actually help you invest the money. The amount that you are paid for your property is normally less that the actual market value. The actual amount of money that you can borrow actually increases with your age. So the older you are the more cash you can raise with the transaction.

If you want a full run down on how equity release schemes work then call us and we will guide you through the whole equity release scheme process. You can simply call us or complete our online form to submit your initial enquiry to help us pick the best equity release option for you.

We will provide a clear picture of the best scheme for your circumstances and will be glad to help you select the best products




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