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Releasing Equity From Your Home
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Releasing Equity From Your Home

If you have owned your house for a long period of time, then there is a good likelihood that you have a lot of equity locked in your home. One of the easiest ways to unlock the capital from your home is by releasing equity from your home. Equity release allows you to release the capital that is locked in your property without you having to move from your home. Releasing equity from your home allows you to raise finance for any personal reasons, whether it be to make further investments or to use the capital for yourself or your family.

There are two main ways to release equity from your home. One of them is known as a lifetime mortgage and the other is known as the home reversion plan. With a lifetime mortgage you still maintain full ownership of your home which means that you can continue to benefit from any further growth in the housing market. Conversely, if there is a decline in the property market then you have the assurance that you will not end up owing more money than what your house is worth.

With a home reversion plans, your home will be sold in part or in full in return for a lump sum payout or a regular make-up from the equity release provider. You can continue to live in your home as long as desired or until you are taken into long-term care.

Although the lifetime mortgage and the home reversion plan or two of the most common equity release schemes that are available on the market we also have access to other equity release schemes to suit a variety of personal circumstances.

If you are thinking of releasing equity from your home then you should have a chat with us for independent equity release advice to benefit from a one-off cash payout or a regular income. We can review the various equity release products available from whole of the market to find you an equity release scheme that suits your needs. We also have access to equity release plans that may not be commonly available on the open market. Talking to us means getting access to impartial advice that you can trust. We will review the different options available to you as well as carrying out an assessment of how releasing equity from your home will affect any means tested benefits that you are currently entitled to. We will also help you figure out what impact releasing equity bargain home will have on your inheritance and how much you leave behind for any loved ones.

If you're thinking of releasing equity from the home the you can contact us to find out how much cash you are entitled to f0r your current situation. You can either call us directly or use the quick application form to receive a call back from one of our representatives. The form should only take a few seconds to complete and you will receive a free callback to discuss your plans but with no obligation to proceed.




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